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We have been in business for over 26 years and specialize in developing accurate and up-to-date ZIP Code boundaries and mapping software designed to solve complex business problems .More...

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Our ZIP Code boundaries are used by hundreds of businesses. Here is a brief sampling:

3Com Corporation
3M Corporation
Advance Auto Parts
American Express
American Greetings
Astra Zeneca
Bankers Life and Casualty
Dow Jones
Dr. Pepper
Eastman Kodak
Hewlett Packard
Johnson & Johnson
Live Nation
Maui Jim Sunglasses
McGraw Hill Companies
Merrill Lynch
Michelin Tire
Nestlé HealthCare
Procter & Gamble
The Scotts Company
University of California
USA Today
US Army
US Navy


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Our data

Accurate and up-to-date ZIP Code data is of primary importance to us and our customers. Because of this we do not use automated techniques (programs, scripts and bots) to create and update our data. All ZIP code changes that are reported to us by the USPS are thoroughly researched by our cartographic experts (real human beings). Creating ZIP code boundaries is as much an art as it is a science. When necessary we call and speak to local postmasters to verify changes locally through reputed sources. A fresh, up-to-date data set is released every 3 months. Our ZIP Code boundary maps are used by hundreds of businesses to drive a variety of operations including reverse geocoding, data visualization, location based services, target marketing, franchise territory design, sales territory design and realignment and many others. Companies including FedEx, DHL, Nielsen, American Express, Microsoft and Dow Jones use our ZIP Code boundary data. Please give us a call to find out how you can put our data to use in your organization.

Company Background

TTG was founded in 1988 by a core group of people determined to find a better way to tackle field sales deployment problems. At the time, GIS software was in it's infancy but showed promise as a technology that would be useful for businesses interested in performing sales and marketing analysis, territory design, realignment and optimization. That vision became a reality when TTG launched the first Windows based desktop mapping software in 1990. TTG's founders have a long history of using geographic tools and theory to solve spatial business problems. With a staff that includes professionals with expertise in a wide variety of areas including database analysis, geography, cartography, marketing and spatial database programming, TTG continues to lead the development of spatial tools that empower businesses to make better decisions. For more information on some of our other software offerings please visit our product specific websites for and . TTG is headquartered in

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