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Our ZIP Code boundaries are used by hundreds of businesses. Here is a brief sampling:

3Com Corporation
3M Corporation
Advance Auto Parts
American Express
American Greetings
Astra Zeneca
Bankers Life and Casualty
Dow Jones
Dr. Pepper
Eastman Kodak
Hewlett Packard
Johnson & Johnson
Live Nation
Maui Jim Sunglasses
McGraw Hill Companies
Merrill Lynch
Michelin Tire
Nestlé HealthCare
Procter & Gamble
The Scotts Company
University of California
USA Today
US Army
US Navy


Why Choose For Your ZIP Code Mapping Needs?

  • Our data is accurate and updated quarterly using fresh feeds direct from the US Postal Service.
  • All changes are verified by our staff of highly experienced cartographers. We actually call and speak to local Postmasters to verify new or changed ZIP Codes when necessary.
  • Our data is "sewn up" meaning we do not have unnecessary "holes" for water features, national parks or unpopulated areas.
  • We take out unnecessary detail that does not add any value to your maps but simply serves to increase draw speed and storage requirements.
  • We will not be undersold. If you can find a lower price please give us a call!

Remember that purchasing a new or updated version of your favorite GIS program does not generally guarantee that your ZIP Code data is current or up-to-date. Most of the large GIS companies routinely bundle outdated ZIP Code boundaries with their software to reduce their costs. ZIP Codes can be more than 2-3 years old with current versions of many of the most popular GIS software!

We have provided some comparisons to a commonly used alternative to ZIP Code boundaries, the ZIP Code tabulation areas (ZCTAs) below.

Missing ZIP Codes in ZCTAs

Missing ZIP Codes in the ZCTA data are indicated in red in the map above. The ZCTA data is missing over 10,000 valid US ZIP Codes!

Needless detail

In this map the ZCTA boundaries are displayed in gray and the data is displayed in blue. The needless detail in the ZCTA data does not enhance the viewing experience and simply serves to clutter your images, slow down your application and increase draw speed and storage requirements.

ZCTAs in Orlando, FL

This is a closeup of the ZCTA boundaries. Note that the areas shaded in red are all missing ZIP Codes in the ZCTA data. ZIP Codes

Here is the same area drawn with the ZIP Codes. The areas shaded in red are missing from the ZCTA data. Note how the data is clean and without needless detail.

ZCTAs water "holes"

The ZCTA data contains "holes" for even the smallest water features resulting in maps that look like swiss cheese. "sewn up" data

Here is the identical area to the map above. data sews up these holes resulting in a clean, neat looking map and allows even shading for thematic mapping, territory alignment and others applicaitons.

How to Order ZIP Code Map Data

Give us a call at or email us for a quote. With a short conversation we can quickly determine how to best help you and provide appropriate sample ZIP Code data. Then when you are ready we will send a simple end-user license agreement for your approval. Shop the competition first and then call us. We will not be undersold!

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