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We have been in business for over 26 years and specialize in developing accurate and up-to-date ZIP Code boundaries and mapping software designed to solve complex business problems .More...

Google Mashup

Google Mashup using our ZIP Code boundaries

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To celebrate our 26th year of business we are offering new customers a special incentive on their order for ZIP Code boundary data:

  • FREE Quarterly ZIP Code Updates!
  • Historical ZIP Code data for the past 10 years included at no additional charge!

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Our ZIP Code boundaries are used by hundreds of businesses. Here is a brief sampling:

3Com Corporation
3M Corporation
Advance Auto Parts
American Express
American Greetings
Astra Zeneca
Bankers Life and Casualty
Dow Jones
Dr. Pepper
Eastman Kodak
Hewlett Packard
Johnson & Johnson
Live Nation
Maui Jim Sunglasses
McGraw Hill Companies
Merrill Lynch
Michelin Tire
Nestlé HealthCare
Procter & Gamble
The Scotts Company
University of California
USA Today
US Army
US Navy

ZIP Code Map Examples

How is data is used?

Our ZIP Code boundary data is used by hundreds of people every day. Applications for the use of the data tend to fall into 4 distinct categories as follows:

  • Use for internal data analysis or with GIS software
  • Web mashup or interactive web-based mapping application
  • Bundle into your GIS system
  • Use for lead assignment or for routing leads to sales reps or distributors

Our data is available in most common GIS formats. Licensing fees are probably the most reasonable that you will find anywhere for up to date ZIP Code boundary data. Give us a call at and ask for a sample of our data and a quote.

We have collected some examples of our ZIP Code data for you here. Browse through the examples and then call us with questions. We would be pleased to provide you with a quote based on your intended use as well as a sample of our data.

Web Mashup using ZIP Code Boundaries...

Here is an example of a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MapServer, PHP) Mashup used for collaborative territory design and realignment applications. The product is called ®.

AlignStar Online

ASOL 32233 Sample

Google Maps Mashup with ZIP Code Boundaries...

Google Maps

Another example of a web mashup this time using the Google API. Note that the attribute data in the balloon is included in the ZIP Code boundary data that you will receive. Companies including FedEx, DHL, Apple, Nielsen, American Express and Dow Jones use our ZIP Code boundary data. Please give us a call to find out how you can put our data to use in your organization.

Desktop Applications with ZIP Code Boundaries...

Microsoft MapPoint

You can easily replace the outdated and incomplete ZIP Code map layer that comes with Microsoft MapPoint using this which will allow you to import ESRI SHAPE files (.shp) and MapInfo Data files (.mif) into MapPoint. Here is a sample map of updated 5-Digit ZIP Codes imported as a shapefile (.shp) into Microsoft MapPoint North America 2010.

Microsoft MapPoint Sample with ZIP Codes

MapInfo Professional

Here a map was created using MapInfo Professional using our updated ZIP Code map layer.

MI Sample with data

Manifold GIS

Another example of ZIP Code map data this time imported into Manifold® GIS. In this example the ZIP Code data was converted into a KML file. KML is an open standard officially named the OpenGIS® KML Encoding Standard (OGC KML). It is maintained by the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC). The complete specification for OGC KML can be found at .

Manifold map using ZIP Codes and KML data

Territory Mapper

Here is a sample of the ZIP Code boundaries bundled with a desktop application called ®.

Territory Mapper Example

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